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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I put in the skip?

Any ‘Normal & Non-hazardous waste, such as, wood, cardboard, packaging, furniture, concrete, brick, soil etc.

What can't I put into the skip?

Without prior consent, you should not put any: Fridges/Fridge Freezers, Tyres, Mattresses, Gas Cylinders, Asbestos, TV’s or Batteries. If you are unsure, please call our friendly experienced staff who will be happy to advise.

What is meant by 'Off Road' and 'On Road'?

‘Off road’ is when we can deliver the skip onto your property, i.e. a driveway or garden. ‘On road’ is when you have no room for the skip, and we have to deliver the skip onto the public highway. For us to do this we would need to get permission from the Local Council (Permit). There is an additional charge of £60.00, the permit lasts for 14 days and takes 5 days to administer from the council. Please call our friendly experienced staff regarding permits, as there are questions, we need to ask about road markings or permit parking if any?

What if I don’t have a driveway to put my skip?

If you don’t have a drive or private land to put the skip, then we can apply for a permit to place the skip on the highway ‘On road’ You will need to call our office as it takes 5 working days to arrange and incurs additional charges of at least £60.00.

What is a 'Load & Go'?

If you have no room for a skip, or you do not need it for any length of time, an alternative solution is a ‘Load & Go’ Get your waste / rubbish ready, we turn up with the skip size of your choice and we’ll give you 40 minutes to load it. Because we do not leave the skip, we don’t need to apply for a permit. So, if your organised you could save yourself the cost of a permit.

How long will I need to book in advance for a delivery, exchange, load & go or a collection?

We provide the very best service in East Sussex, you can book as far ahead as you like. We also provide a ‘Same day service’ for those urgent jobs or at worst you won’t have to wait longer than the following working day.

I have heavy waste, what size of skip can I have?

We can provide a choice of 4, depending on how much you have. We can supply: 2.5 yard (Mini), 4 yard (Midi), 6-yard with drop down door and an 8-yard skip. Bigger 12-yard & 16-yard skips are for light bulky waste such as, wood, furniture, green waste, cardboard, paper, metal and strip out waste etc.

Will a skip lorry fit on our drive?

We don’t always have to fit on your drive, our modern fleet has extending arms. If we do need to access your drive, we would need a minimum of 10’ – 10’6’’. For 2.5 yard - 4 yard skips we have smaller vehicles that only require smaller access. When you call to book, our friendly experienced staff will be happy to help and advise.

How full can I load the skip?

As a rule, you should only load the skips to the height of the sides. Overloaded skips can be dangerous and illegal to transport on the highway. Also, NO FIRES in skips. We reserve the right to refuse to collect a skip if it is loaded above the sides.

What if I hide hazardous waste under some ordinary waste?

We don’t just dump the contents into a big hole, every item is processed. When we find it, extra charges may apply.

How long can I keep the skip for?

All our skips can be kept for up to 3 weeks, you can book your collection when you order the delivery or just call our friendly experienced team when your finished. We usually collect either on the same day or next working day.

What happens to the waste in the skip?

We recycle as much as possible. All waste accepted into our waste transfer station via skip or by customers using the weighbridge is first sorted mechanically then manually to extract everything that can be recycled.

Why do we spend so much time sorting through the waste, isn’t it cheaper just to landfill?

It might be; however, it is also a very short-term view. There is only a limited amount of space in landfills and needlessly filling it up with materials that could be put to good use is a waste of that space and damaging to the environment. Everyone should be careful next time someone offers you a waste removal service at a very low price, the cost is almost all disposal so very cheap prices often mean illegal or at best damaging disposal or fly-tipping of the waste.

I’ve got some rubbish at home; can I drop it off to your waste transfer station?

Yes, of course. Our waste transfer station is open to all and we can accept waste Monday to Friday, 08:00-16:00, Saturday, 08:00-11:00. Based on the Ponswood Industrial Estate we accept most types of waste, please be aware that charges do apply to use our facilities. Please call for more information.

Can I buy any of your recycled products?

Yes, you can. Please call our office on, 01424 422477 or 01424 437697 for more information on our screened soil and crushed concrete, 6F2.